Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts


Accepted and Prohibited Items

There are strict regulations on what can be disposed of safely and what RED-E-BINS is not authorized to process.  Review the lists below:


 (illegal dumping fine: $1092.50)

No textiles this inculdes: (clothing, fabric, blankets/comforters, sheets/pillow cases, curtains/drapes, and or shoes)

No solar panels

No household garbage all bagged waste that would go into a roll cart or garbage dumpster– which also include: (food, paper products, cups, plates, food containers, dishes or cookware that are not clean, bathroom waste. Cd’s, dvd’s, vhs tapes)

No remains of any kind (animal/human)

No medical supplies of any kind / unused medication

No asbestos containing debris

No vehical bumpers

No household hazardous chemicals / cleaners and or aerosols

No railroad / cross ties and or lightposts – (creosote treated wood)

Didn’t see your item listed above?  If you’re not sure about an item or what type of bin to order, just get in touch with us.  If we can’t accept an item, we  usually have alternative resources for you.